USS is the largest auctioning group in Japan, exhibiting more than 55,000 vehicles every week at more than 18 auction halls throughout Japan. The largest is USS Tokyo held every Thursday with an average of over 14,000 exhibits. USS Nagoya, held every Friday, averages approximately 7,000 exhibits.


Auction hall Day
USS-R Nagoya : Mon
USS Fujioka : Tue
USS Kobe : Tue
USS Yokohama : Tue
USS Fukuoka : Wed
USS Niigata : Wed
USS Sapporo : Wed
USS Tohoku : Wed
USS Tokyo : Thu
USS Hokuriku : Fri
USS Nagoya : Fri
USS Saitama : Fri
USS Osaka : Fri
USS Gunma : Sat
USS Kyushu : Sat
USS Okayama : Sat
USS Ryutsu : Sat
USS Shizuoka : Sat

JU Aichi Auto Auction.
Held every Thursday and located beside Nagoya Bay, JU Aichi averages over 2,300 exhibits every week.
JU Gifu Auto Auction.
JU Gifu, held every Saturday, is the largest auction in the JU Group. It averages over 3,900 exhibits.

Auction hall Day
JU Tokyo : Mon
JU Mie : Tue
JU Nagano : Tue
JU Saitama : Tue
JU Shizuoka : Tue
JU Ibaraki : Wed
JU Ishikawa : Wed
JU Aichi : Thu
JU Fukushima : Thu
JU Gunma : Thu
JU Hiroshima : Thu
JU Kanagawa : Thu
JU Toyama : Thu
JU Sapporo : Thu
JU Chiba : Fri
JU Fukuoka : Fri
JU Miyagi: Sat
JU Niigata : Fri
JU Okayama LAA : Fri
JU Okinawa : Sat
JU Tochigi : Sat
JU Gifu : Sat
JU Nara : Sat

CAA - Chubu Auto Auction
CAA Nagoya (Chubu), held every Wednesday in Toyota City (home of Toyota Motor Company), averages over 5,300 exhibits.

Auction hall Day
CAA Gifu : Mon
CAA Gifu : Tue
CAA Tohoku : Tue
CAA Chubu : Tue

HAA Kobe is the largest auction hall in the Kansai region. Held beside Kobe bay (approximately 40km from Osaka), it averages 9,300 exhibits weekly.
HAA Osaka is held every Thursday and averages approximately 1,700 exhibits.

Auction hall Day
HAA Osaka : Thu
HAA Kobe : Thu


As the name suggest, Honda auctions are made up of vehicles exhibited by Honda dealers and specialize in Honda brand vehicles. They hold auctions in Tokyo, Nagoya, Kobe, Fukuoka, Hokkaido and Sendai, and claim one of the highest sale rates in the industry.

Auction hall Day
HONDA Fukuoka: Mon
HONDA Hokkaido : Mon
HONDA Kansai : Mon
HONDA Nagoya : Mon
HONDA Sendai : Mon
HONDA Tokyo : Mon

AAAI - Arai Auto Auction International Group

The Arai group is the third largest auction group in Japan with four auction halls located in the Kanto region (the area around Tokyo).

Auction hall Day
AAAI Sendai : Tue
AAAI Oyama : Thu
AAAI Bayside : Fri
AAAI Oyama(Van & Truck) : Sat

TAA - Toyota Auto Auctions.

This is an auction group managed by Toyota and handles mainly Toyota brand vehicles. It holds a total of six auctions throughout Japan.

Auction hall Day
TAA Hiroshima : Tue
TAA Kinki : Tue
TAA Kyushyu : Tue
TAA Minami Kyushu : Tue
TAA Kanto : Thu
TAA Chubu : Thu
TAA Tohoku : Thu
TAA Yokohama : Sat

JAA - Japan Auto Auctions
The JAA auction group has been maintaining the second highest number of exhibits in the Kanto region for over a decade, and averages 4,500 exhibits every Wednesday.

Auction hall Day
JAA : Wed
JAA Tsukuba : Fri

KCAA - Kyusyu Chubu Auto Auctions
The KCAA group hold three weekly auctions in Southern Japan.

Auction hall Day
KCAA Ebino : Wed
KCAA Fukuoka : Thu
KCAA Yamaguchi : Fri

LAA - Light Auto Auctions
The LAA group hold two auctions every week, one in Hyogo prefecture, and the another on the island of Shikoku.

Auction hall Day
LAA Shikoku : Wed
LAA Kansai : Thu

NAA - NISSAN Auto Auctions
With auctions in the three major cities of Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, NAA auctions specialise in Nissan brand vehicles.

Auction hall Day
NAA Nagoya : Thu
NAA Osaka : Thu
NAA Tokyo : Fri

SAA - SUZUKI Auto Auctions
SAA holds two weekly auctions, one in the city of Hamamatsu (where the headquarters of Suzuki is located), and the other on the northern island of Hokkaido.

Auction hall Day
SAA Sapporo : Tue
SAA Hamamatsu : Thu

ZIP Auctions
ZIP auctions, held in Tokyo and Osaka, specialise in imported foreign brand vehicles, which account for approximately 95% of all exhibits.

Auction hall Day
ZIP Tokyo : Tue
ZIP Osaka : Thu

This is an auction held every Saturday to Monday on three consecutive days using satellite networks. There is no actual auction hall involved as vehicles are exhibited from all over Japan using satellite imagery. The average number of vehicles exhibited through Aucnet is approximately 7,000.
Previously known as Osaka Nanko Auto Auction, Bayauc is the world's first internet-based automobile auction. It is held every Wednesday and averages over 3,000 exhibits weekly.
Held in Saitama prefecture, BCN auction is held every Wednesday with an average of over 1,500 exhibits.
GAO Auction is an auction held every Monday comprised mostly of vehicles exhibited on GAO Stock.
IAA Osaka- International Auto Auction Osaka
IAA Osaka is held every Wednesday in the southern Osaka city of Izumi.
Also held in Saitama prefecture on Wednesdays, HERO averages just over 1,000 exhibits weekly.

AAAI VT - Arai Auto Auction Vans & Trucks (website).
AAAI VT located north of Tokyo is operated by the Arai group as well as other AAAI auctions, and is specialized in vans and trucks.
IMA - ISUZU Motor Auctions.
IMA auctions, held on Wednesdays and Fridays in east (Tokyo) and west (Osaka) Japan respectively, deal exclusively with vans and trucks. 

Auction hall Day
AAAI Oyama Van & Truck : Sat

1. FOB Charges + 10,000 yen successful bid charge
2. Extra Transport and Shipping Charges *
3. Ocean Freight: based on M3

Weight Fees
below 3.0t : 5,000 yen
3.0t - 4.99t : 10,000 yen
5.0t - 9.99t : 15,000 yen
10.0t - 19.99t : 20,000 yen
20.0t - 24.99t : 40,000 yen
25.0t or over : 60,000 yen

4.Extra Shipping Charges Table (RORO, Vladivostok)
*these are determined by the size of each unit, destination yard, and destination port. Shipment from Tokyo is available for all destinations unlike regular car auctions. We recommend that you find machineries near the three port cities of Yokohama, Nagoya, and Kobe as the transport costs of heavy machinery can be quite considerable.
**only applied for RORO shipment to Vladivostok, RUSSIA.







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